What the Election Leaflets Don’t Necessarily Tell Us!

If you're fed up with receiving by-election leaflets through your letterbox, reader Ged Wilmot has posted this photo on the Saddleworth News Facebook page in 2011

WITH all this talk about the Farage barrage it cannot have escaped anyone’s attention that we have elections on the horizon.

Yes. over the next few weeks be prepared to be swamped with leaflets from all of the political parties telling you what they plan to do for you at the May 22 elections in both Europe and in our backyard down at Stockport.


With the dropping of the latest leaflets you will find out what the great and the good among our political elites have been doing with their time since some of us bothered to vote them in last time.

And like true groundhog day or the idea posed in Monty Python’s Life of Brian concerning ‘what did the Romans ever do for us’, the candidates will trot out sanitation, road, pavements and recycling and throw in a few claims of achievement which could be said to border on plain porkies!

For my part what I would like to see the leaflets present an accurate picture of what the next few years hold.

For instance how many of those leaflets, excepting maybe the opposition, will paint the stark reality that on top of the massive cuts already made, Stockport Council will have to slash more than £50m from its budget over the next three financial years,

Clearly those type of budget cuts will impact once again on many, many vulnerable people, but will we get that message from reading the leaflets; hopefully so.

For me the superior candidate is modest in their speech, but exceeds in their actions, however, even on that one only time will tell!

Peter Devine