We can all play our part in the renewal process…

THE Rev Dr Rob Munro, rector and chairman of Cheadle Village Partnership has agreed to write a monthly column for the Stockport Mail and here is the first one in which he challenges people to become part of helping renew the area for the good of everybody
Living communities are always renewing themselves, and in Cheadle there is plenty of evidence of that at the moment.

Stockport Council plans to renew the pavements through the village is proceeding apace, which will leave the centre looking more attractive, and more even underfoot, although we will have to be patient as the work has over one year still to run!

Elsewhere, the Cheadle Civic Society, as part of its 50th anniversary, has sponsored the renewal of Cheadle Green. During the recent excavations it has revealed more of our past to the archaeologists, who found some hitherto unknown medieval buildings on the site of the new pond. Even the trees are being renewed; the beautiful cherry trees on the Green, which the council arboriculuralist identified as being at the end of their lives, are to be replaced with new ones, for the future generations to enjoy.

Real renewal, though, is more about people than buildings. The Village Partnership, our ‘group of groups’ for Cheadle, has recently re-launched. It is seeking to build on the hugely successful community initiatives of recent years, like the ever-growing Remembrance Day celebrations, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Makers Market (which will partially restart soon), and the fun of the Victorian Christmas Market (which will happen again this year).

Therefore, there are many new opportunities locally to contribute to the community that makes Cheadle what it is, so maybe it is time to do more than being on the receiving end of good things, and play a part in seeing them grow!

New ideas are always welcome and for further information go to villagepartnership@cheadle.org.uk or come and speak to me