Using a Drone to help sell your home


An innovative Stockport Estate Agents are employing the latest airborne technology to carry out building surveys.

Jonathan Hyde, of Fairhursts Estates, is a fully qualified drone pilot and uses the space-aged unmanned flying machine to carry out property checks.

Not only is the system quicker and more versatile, being able to gain access to tighter areas and provide a much more comprehensive overall view of the property from a variety of angles – it’s also cheaper for the customer.

Fairhurst says issues can be instantly identified and client presentations and reports are improved. Inspection times, costs and safety risks can also be significantly reduced.

But before you dash out and buy yourself a drone to start zooming across the Stockport skies, when we said Jonathan was qualified, we didn’t just mean he plays with it a lot. It took hours of theory and practical examinations and had to be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority before he was cleared for take off.