The Green Stream Of Cheadle Mystery That Made National News


What started out as an inquisitive posting on a social media group eventually made the national news as Cheadle residents wondered why a stream in a local park turned BRIGHT GREEN!
Dog walkers and locals were left puzzled when they came across the almost neon-coloured water on Adswood Park, off Councillor Lane.
From fears of a chemical leak to jokes about the Incredible Hulk having a cold and sneezing into it, it was the hot topic of a Facebook community page and eventually made it onto the ITN national news website.
It didn’t remain a mystery for long however as it was soon revealed that it was a specialist dye purposely put in the stream by United Utilities.
A spokesman for company says they were contacted by the Environment Agency to help them trace the source of a pollution problem:
“We were called on Monday afternoon by the Environment Agency because we have specialist equipment that can help trace where leaks and pollution issues are coming from. Our teams have used a non-toxic dye in which the Environment Agency officers will be able follow to where the source of the problem is. It’s non-harmful to wildlife and will clear within around 12 hours.”