Stockport’s Ladies Only Gym Hopes to be Runaway Success After Official Opening by Mayor and Mayoress


If you’ve ever wanted to join a gym but have been put off by being surrounded by muscle-bound bodybuilders then you might like to give Stockport Health and Fitness a try.
OK so being surrounded by muscly athletic types  might be appealing to some, but being intimidated by a stereotypical gym environment is a very real problem for many people – especially women – who simply want to keep in trim.
Stockport Health and Fitness has the answer to this problem, being the area’s first women-only fitness centre.
Situated at the heart of the town on St Petersgate, it boasts state-of-the-art exercise machines which enable women of all ages to exercise at a level which suits them.
The facility promotes a laid back approach to keeping healthy providing a friendly environment with no dress codes or requirements for special footwear.
As she explains, manager Pernina Patel opened Stockport Health and Fitness out of frustration when she suffered health issues:
“I couldn’t find anywhere in the Stockport area that provided exercise facilities like these or just for women, so I decided to start one myself”
“The equipment is power-assisted and moves all the muscle groups which can help toning and posture”
For anyone interested in joining, there’s a limited amount of memberships available with no joining fee, for more informatoin call them on 0161 480 4050