Stockport School helping Stockport Drive Less, Live More


National road safety charity Brake’s annual awareness week has changed focus this year and, with the help of a Stockport Primary school, is hoping to make people think about alternatives to using their car.

The Drive Less, Live more campaign is being backed by Stockport Council’s Traffic Services Team and pupils, staff and parents from Cale Green Primary School have been helping spread the word.

They’ll be providing helpful tips on how to work out how much money can be saved, calories burned, and pollution prevented by “ditching” the car.

Councillor Iain Roberts, Deputy Leader at Stockport Council, said: “Each day five people are killed and 60 are left seriously injured in collisions on UK roads. The convenience of using the car for travel needs to be balanced against its negative effects both in terms of road casualties and the damage caused to the environment.

“By using alternatives to the car such as walking, cycling or taking public transport we can help to reduce these negatives whilst improving our health and quality of life. Changing your habit by walking to the local shops instead of driving will benefit both you and the environment. Just altering one journey by car to another mode of travel can make a difference.”