Stockport named one of Greenest Councils


Stockport heads into the New Year as one of the UK’s greenest councils thanks to a continued effort to recycle.

Residents across Stockport have once again helped the borough to recycle over 60% of household waste, meaning Stockport is ranked as one of the top 2% of authorities in England and Wales.

In 2014/15, Stockport residents recycling efforts avoided £12m in disposal costs which allowed the Council to spend that money elsewhere on other local services.

It meant that across the country, Stockport was ranked as the seventh best authority for recycling, with the borough’s 60.7% overall rate dwarfing the national average of 44.7%.

The Council are now issuing residents with five tips to ensure the boroughs recycling rates continue to climb:

  • Begin recycling if you don’t already. You can start small. Try putting aside your plastic bottles for your brown bin. Plastic bottles can take up to 500 years to decompose if they’re not recycled! Remember the only plastic we can recycle is plastic bottles.
  • If you already recycle, then recycle more. Did you know, Aluminium foil may be easy to scrunch up and throw away but every last bit of it can be recycled in your brown bin.
  • Purchase more items made from recycled materials. Paper towels, toilet paper, aluminium cans, cereal boxes, and many other paper products fall into this category. Even the clothes you wear can be made from recycled materials – Did you know, fleeces are made from plastic bottles?
  • Recycle in all rooms, don’t just recycle in the kitchen, sort it in the bathroom too! You can help to boost your recycling by putting the right items in the right bins from your bathroom including shampoo bottles, shower gel containers and cardboard toilet roll inserts.
  • Resolve to recycle all your paper and card in your blue bin, including all those unwanted Christmas cards. Recycling a tonne of paper spares 17 trees! If you’ve been inundated with junk mail this Christmas, contact the Mailing Preference Service to remove your name from mailing lists. Register online at or call 0845 703 4599.

Cllr Martin Candler, Stockport Council’s Executive Member for Supporting Places, said: “I would like to congratulate our residents for once again leading by example when it comes to recycling. Not only are you helping to improve the environment in which you live, you are also helping to save yourself money, and helping to safeguard vital services by saving the Council money.”