Stockport College Supports Sonder Dementia Café


Students of Stockport College have used their skills to improve the experience of visitors to Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport.
The dementia café which has recently opened provides a calm and relaxing environment for dementia patients, and their families and carers, to spend some quiet, quality time together.
Hospital staff have helped to finance the café with a variety of fundraising events in their spare time and local organisations have also generously donated items.
Stockport College students were given the task to help in the design of the café, providing their skills to paint and decorate the area.
Around 1,300 patients a year being treated at the hospital are living in dementia.
In recent years Stepping Hill Hospital has taken many steps to give both patients and their carers extra support.
This includes a new memory clinic to diagnose dementia, a badge scheme to enable staff in A&E to easily recognise patients with the condition, dementia friendly signage and environments, two reminiscence rooms on wards, and over 70 dementia champions across the organisation.
Florence Bawak, matron for dementia care at Stepping Hill Hospital, said “Being in an unfamiliar hospital environment can be a very frightening experience for patients living with dementia.
The new café will be a calm, supportive place for staff or family members to relax with patients.”
Volunteers will help out in the café and it will have coffee and tea making facilities, music, games and reminiscence books and pictures.
The Alzheimer’s Society and the EDUCATE group (Early Dementia Users Co-operative Aiming To Educate) will be also at the café every month to offer dementia advice and information.
Florence continued by giving a special thanks to members of Stockport College for their commitment and enthusiasm towards the project, providing an environment that is vibrant and unique.