Stockport Band Blossoms Are Really Blooming!


A buzz unlike anything felt in the music scene for over a decade has accompanied the long-awaited release of the debut album by Blossoms.
The Stockport band, named after the pub they frequented as friends when the band was formed, have been one of the major names in music this year after being named as one of the sounds of 2016 by BBC Radio 1.
Bandmates Tom Ogden, Charlie Salt, Josh Dewhurst, Joe Donovan and Myles Kellock launched their self-titled debut with a midnight show at The Plaza, just a mile down the road from the Robinsons pub that gave them their name.
Road signs on the way in to the town have proudly declared it: “Stockport, home of Blossoms’.
And Stockport train station joined on the day of the album release, changing one of its departures boards to announce the record’s release with a message that read: “Stockport’s favourite sons Blossoms’ sublime new album is out today!!!!!”
The band’s success has certainly put the town on the map – including their allegiance to the football team after a live appearance on cult football show Soccer AM where one band member performed in his Stockport County home shirt.