Stockport Artist Helps NHS Hit the Number One spot

Stockport artist Paul O’Hagan’s cartoon backing the NHS Choir’s bid to beat BieberStockport artist Paul O’Hagan’s cartoon backing the NHS Choir’s bid to beat Bieber

The race for Christmas number one captured the nation’s attention more than on previous years last month when music megastar Justin Bieber was pipped to the festive top spot by the unlikeliest of musical rivals.

The NHS Choir denied the Canadian singing sensation of 2015 the coveted Christmas chart postion, not that he was bothered. After having an entire album of songs in the top 40 at one point and an incredible three hits in the top 4 placings, even Bieber himself supported the NHS Choir’s bid by backing them on Twitter in the build up to the big reveal on Christmas Day.

It was the closest race since the infamous battle between 2009 X Factor winner Joe McElderry and Rage Against The Machine following an online campaign to keep the perennial pop show winner away from the number one slot.

The NHS choir’s quest for Christmas musical glory was also backed by a local artist. Paul O’Hagan, a cartoonist from Reddish, took out his pen and pad and helped with posters for the choir’s gig in Lewisham.

The choir’s emotional video shows the importance of the NHS and was filmed by Manchester-based company, Gate Films.