St Ann’s Takes Up ‘Message in a Bottle’ Service


St Ann’s Hospice has joined an initiative to encourage patients to carry a green bottle with details of their medical reqiurements in.

The small green bottles donated by South Manchester Lions are kept in the fridge and save emergency services valuable time if going into a home.

We’re the latest organisation to sign up to the long-running nationwide Lions project which also involves GP surgeries, pharmacies and hospitals.

A form stored in the bottle has a person’s name, medicines, allergies and any other key medical documents, plus contact details for next of kin. The bottles come with two green stickers – one is put on the fridge door, the other on the inside of the home entry door.

Long-serving Lions Laurie and Maureen Oatway, from Baguley, organised the St Ann’s donation. Wythenshawe Fire Brigade have also just received a supply of bottles.

Laurie is the new President of South Manchester Lions, formed in 2017 as part of a group re-structure. Wife Maureen is Secretary.