SK7 & SK8 are top areas for dating!

Cheadle and Bramhall areas have been discovered to have one Britain’s most active dating hotspots.

The surprising statistic was revealed by, who analysed their database to find out which areas of the country have the highest number of active singles in proportion to the population.

Astonishingly SK7 and SK8 came 6th in the national analysis.

Karl Gregory, MD of, said: ‘Although big cities have more singles in total, their greater populations mean that they are not as concentrated as in these smaller hotspots.’

In a mini survey our readers confirmed this to be true. 65% of the people polled aged between 25 and 55, and single said they were actively ‘looking for love’. Most said they haven’t time for for finding a partner at work, traditionally the way people used to meet, and ‘going out on the pull’ has become less of an attraction for many women. Men were less critical of the pick up method, but many of them chose on line dating as their preferred method of finding someone.

A Bramhall woman said everyday pressures meant she hadn’t the time to go out as much as she would like and she ‘enjoyed the thrill’ of the contact online and then meeting for a date, although she disclosed she had met ‘some sad men!’

On the other hand a man from Cheadle said he went online ‘for a laugh and met some lovely women’

Well if you’re looking for love, you are in the right place