Shop Grants Available in Cheadle

There are currently remaining funds available up to the end of March 2012 for the Council’s Facelift Grant Scheme but this only applies to the Cheadle area.

The grant is available to both prospective and existing businesses wishing to carry out work on their shop units although it must be noted that certain conditions apply.

Grant Scheme at a glance

* Up to 50% of the cost of improvements up to a maximum contribution by the Council of £2,000 or whichever is lower
* Grant offer based on the lowest of 3 quotes provided by the applicant.
* Aim is to encourage businesses which enhance the centre’s offer
* Help businesses, owners and landowners to let/improve units by improving the appearance of commercial units

The Grants are all discretionary and offered on a first come, first served basis, subject to applications meeting the criteria for eligible works described in the attached pack.