Restaurant Review with Peter Devine

ONE of the most incredible cuisine’s to make its debut in Cheadle has taken fine dining to a new level of excellence.

And the people of the area who know about these things, have not been slow to make the newly opened Indian Tiffin Room, at 2a Chapel Street, a must place to dine out.

The menu is packed full of Asian food whose reputation has been tried and tasted over generations on the tables of many homes in Southern India.

It’s hardly surprising that diners are flocking to the small well laid out restaurant to be greeted by hosts Suresh and Srini, who are on hand with a ready smile and word of welcome.

The name ‘tiffin’ is not just an accidental title, and is indeed a British English slang term of second breakfast or lunch sometimes applied to any light meal, which has its origins in British India and is today found primarily in Indian English

In parts of India such as Mumbai, the word mostly refers to a packed lunch of some sort in particular to light lunches prepared for working Indian men

The menu at the Tiffin Room picks up on all of these sumptuous and tasty treats to offer a wide selection of street food, which includes vegetable cutlet or dahl puri for vegetarians to chicken lollypop or grilled kebabs for meat eaters.

The tiffin dishes vary but include masala dosa or channa batura and others side dishes and/or main courses with curry and rice or Indian bread.

Then there is a delicious thali, a mini buffet on a plate, which many Indian families eat at home. While there is an novel take on Indo Chinese food, which was originally adopted by Chinese families living in Calcutta, and has been introduced to the Indian Tiffin Room

So for the authentic taste of India and a little bit more besides check out Cheadle’s Indian Tiffin Room soon.