Parents of Unruly Cheadle Teens ‘Not Bothered’


Police attempts to combat anti-social behaviour problems by taking unruly teenagers to their homes say some parents ‘aren’t bothered in the slightest’.
Cheadle Heath locals have voiced their concerns over large groups of  youths intimidating people around the area.
Police responded by setting up Operation Barometer and CCTV was installed in the area.
But the problem has returned in the past few months – starting with stone throwing – and it’s now escalated to greater disorder.
As part of an approach working with youth services, officers will visit troublemakers’ homes to tip off their parents.
But a community meeting heard sometimes this has little effect.
Constable Steve Webster told a Central Area Committee: “You get a varying reaction, some are horrified and you don’t see the kid again, some are not bothered in the slightest.
“The thing with working in partnership is you can gauge that. Our whole ethos is to try and keep the kids out of the justice system.
“In December we had problems with stone throwers, it has moved now to greater disorder.”
Temporary dispersal orders have been put in place for weekends, which police say have been a great success and have seen a number of ringleaders identified. They are subsequently being monitored.
Extra police patrols have also been directed towards the area. It’s hoped diversionary activities for youngsters will be set up at weekends.
Chief Inspector Dean Howard told the meeting: “This is not just a police problem. We have less capacity than ever to put yellow jackets (visible police officers) in these areas.
“So it is a partnership response that is required with youth services, youth providers and the local authority looking at the route of the problem.”
But Edgeley and Cheadle Heath councillor Philip Harding says the problem is ‘ongoing’ and asked if a permanent dispersal order could be secured.
He said: “My electors are concerned about this and have been for several months. We should be seeing some sort of activity that stops it being an intimidating situation.
“It seems to me what is being done so far has not been very effective.”