Not An E-asy Mistake To Make In Stockport Surely?


Stockport Council were left red-faced after a new sign in the town’s Stockport Exchange development contained a spelling error. Bit not just any old error, they had managed to mis-spell the name of the town’s FOOTBALL STADIUM!
The sign pointed visitors to ‘Edgely Park Football Ground’ and ‘Edgley Shops’ and was quickly pounced on by social media as Twitter and Facebook shared the image.
The sign was hastily covered up with tape whilst a replacement is organised.
A council spokesman later added: “We are aware of this and are working with the contractor to rectify the error, which was made by the sign manufacturer, as soon as possible.”
Stockport Exchange includes a new Holiday Inn, shops, car parking and new railway station entrance and is part of £900m being spent by Stockport Council over five years to improve the town centre over five years.