New Heritage Centre Plan for Woodford Aerodrome


A PLANNING application to create a new heritage centre which will feature the history of the Vulcan bomber has been submitted to Stockport Council planners.

The application by BAE Systems and The Avro Heritage Trust seeks to refurbish and extend the former fire station at Woodford Aerodrome to include the permanent display of a Vulcan bomber, a cafe and landscaping.

BAE Systems sold Woodford Aerodrome in December 2011 to Avro Heritage Limited after the government pulled the plug on aircraft manufacturing at the site.

In a statement prepared for the application it states to mark the legacy of aircraft manufacturing at the aerodrome, and as part of BAE Systems’ exit from the site, the company agreed to fund the development of a new heritage centre.

The existing Avro Heritage Centre has operated in its current location since 1995 and run by a dedicated number of volunteers, many of which were formerly employed at Woodford Aerodrome. The heritage centre has now closed for general visitors in preparation for the relocation to the new centre.

The report adds that whilst the development of the heritage centre has a strong relationship with the wider development it will developed and funded as an independent element by BAE Systems and the Avro Heritage Trust.

Harrow Estates PLC and AVRO Heritage Limited has previously submitted a total of three planning applications (DC/053833, DC/054212 and DC/053832) for the comprehensive redevelopment of Woodford Aerodrome for up to 805 dwellings, commercial floorspace, a public house, retail floorspace, a one entry primary school and associated infrastructure (including roads, footpaths, cycleways and open space) in November 2013.

The application can be viewed at Bramhall Library