MP calls for more security efforts by small businesses to prevent cyber crime

A LOCAL MP is calling on businesses in Stockport not to fall victim to
cyber crime.
Hazel Grove MP Andrew Stunell MP has urged Stockport businesses not to
tricked into losing money to online fraudsters.
The warning was issued after a survey carried out by the Federation
of Small Businesses(FSB), showed one in five firms took no online
According to the survey more than 40 per cent of small businesses had
suffered cyber crimes, which the FSB calculates costs its members
almost £800 million per year nationally, or an average £4,000 per
At the launch of the initiative Mr Stunell said: “Cyber crime can be
devastating for a small business, yet there are simple steps that can
prevent it. The FSB’s survey should be a wake-up call, and their top
tips are an excellent tool for firms that are not sure where to turn
for advice, and set out clearly how to reduce the risks of operating
online.” The FSB’s top 10 tips are: firms should install multiple
online security programmes, carry out regular online security updates.
create a password policy (min eight characters and change it
regularly, secure wireless network, develop clear and concise
procedures for email, internet and mobile devices, train staff in good
security practices and consider employee background checks, implement
and test backup plans and carry out regular security risk assessment,
make sure you do regular security testing on the business website,
check provider credentials and contracts when using cloud