PUPILS at a school in Cheadle took a step back into musical yesteryear to raise money for five charitable causes

The event Ready, Steady GO Retro, which was held at Kingsway School, helped raise the cash  in aid of Christies, Macmillan Cancer Support, Smile Train, Rainbow Trust and Kolweny Kingsway School in Kenya

Over one thousand pupils too part in a  sponsored to dance to 50 years of music, from 1963 to the present, and from ‘Twist and Shout’ to ‘Gangnam Style’,

The event was given a boost by head teacher Mike Gledhill who performed  the Elvis Presley standard ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ dressed  in a sparkling white tuxedo and black wig.

Other staff including  teachers, learning support assistants, even a  security officer – entered into the spirit dressed as Mick Jagger, The Village People, Madness, Ozzie Osbourne, Freddie Mercury and Korean singing sensation PSY.

Pupils  led many of the dances including a mass assembly for the ‘Macarena’ and the day ended with the ‘Harlem Shake’.

Kingsway School  has longstanding tradition of charity work, which has seen it raise over £280,000 for dozens of charities working locally, nationally and globally.