Media Spin on Weather – Keeps People in a Tizz

THERE is so much hype around the weather at the moment it almost makes you feel like the end of the world is approaching.

Let’s face it, wind, rain, snow and even sun when we get it, needs sexing up just a little bit, so we have forecasters telling us we have now entered a period of weather not seen in x number of years.

The experts on the whole get the weather right, but then putting it into the hands of the ignorant and the stupid is downright dangerous because they need to keep people glued and attentive, which means that they spin it to the point where we really think we are all going to die.

Some of the worst serial weather forecast spinners suggest that everything short of a plague of frogs or locusts will rain down on us, so we had better take shelter.

I find it fascinating that we are constantly reminded not to make our journey unless absolutely necessary, which to my mind going to work is. A balance has to be struck to either accept the advice and don’t show up at work which means you don’t get paid and/or the business goes to the wall.

I also find myself shouting at the television when they say things like Britain will be battered by ‘heavy’ winds. I want them to explain when we started weighing the wind!

We need to return to the calmer days when weather wasn’t always something we had to add constant spin to.

And after all, we are in the middle of winter!

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