Manchester Airport to trial hoist for passengers with reduced mobility

mp041_manchester airport hoist

mp041_manchester airport hoistManchester Airport is launching a month long trial of new specialist technology designed to improve the service, safety and accessibility for passengers with reduced mobility.

The Eagle hoists were developed and proved successful in providing a safe and efficient way of transferring PRM’s (Passengers with Reduced Mobility) from a wheelchair to their aircraft seat.

Collette Roche, Director of Security and Customer Services for Manchester Airport, said:
“Manchester Airport puts the customer at the centre of everything they do, which is why we have decided to introduce this trial period to assess how effective the hoists are and how many passengers they can help assist.”

The Special Assistance Service is provided by OCS on behalf of Manchester Airport. They provide assistance for passengers that request it and have a range of services available.

Last month alone they assisted with 32,992 passenger movements and annually assist upwards of 280,000 passenger movements.