If You Want Your Candidate Elected Make Sure You Vote on May 22!

IT’s that time of the year, okay a bit later than usual, but when we have elections.

Next Thursday’s poll will determine who residents want to represent them at Stockport Council and in Brussels.

Registered electors can cast their vote in the elections at polling stations between 7am and 10pm.

A total of 21 Stockport councillors will be elected in 21 wards locally.  Stockport is also part of the North West region, which will elect a total of eight Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

And while the council will be decided on first past the post the European election will be determined by proportional representation across the North West.

Stockport Council says all eligible electors should have received either a poll card or a postal poll card. The cards, for information only, contain details of how you can vote. If you have chosen to vote by post or proxy, this will be shown on your poll card. If you have chosen to vote in person, the location of your polling station is shown on the card.

Postal voters are advised to return your completed postal ballot papers as soon as possible using the freepost envelope provided. You can also hand in completed forms at any polling station in your ward on May 22  or hand it in at Stockport Town Hall or Fred Perry House during office hours until 10pm next Thursday.

If you haven’t received a poll card or a postal ballot pack or would like information on any aspect of the elections, phone the elections hotline 0161 217 6026.  There is more information on elections at www.stockport.gov.uk/elections

Large-print ballot papers, Braille voting devices and low-level polling booths are available in all Stockport polling stations.

Here are some of the candidates standing in the local area:

Bramhall North: Pauline Banham, Lib Dem; Ray Jones, UKIP; Elizabeth Marron, Lab; Lisa Walker, Con.

Bramhall South and Woodford: Anita Johnson, Con; Ruth Kaiser, Lab; Jermy Meal, Lib Dem; David Perry, UKIP.

Cheadle and Gatley: Grahame Bradbury, UKIP; Natasha Brooks, Green; Graham Haslam, Con; Colin Owen, Lab; Iain Roberts, Lib Dem.

Cheadle Hulme North: Sue Carroll, Con; Yvonne Guariento, Lab; Tony Moore, UKIP; Michael Padfield, Green; June Somekh, Lib Dem.

Cheadle Hulme South: Stuart Bodsworth, Lib Dem; Chris Carter, Lab; Paul Davies, Con; Cyril Peake, UKIP.

Heald Green: Ann Moore, UKIP; Adrian Nottingham; Kathryn Ann Priestley, Lab; David Roberts-Jones, Lib Dem; Yvonne Salmons, CPC

Davenport and Cale Green: Doreen Hopkins, UKIP; Phil Shaw, Green; Ann Smith, Lib Dem; Elise Wilson, Lab; Julie Wragg, Con.

Stepping Hill: Ken Pease, Green; Janet Rothwell, Lab; Mark Weldon, Lib Dem; John Wright, Con.