Homelessness in Stockport “tripled” in last year


Homelessness has tripled in the last 12 months according to a recent documentary filmed in the area by a music star.

Rapper Professor Green took the streets of Stockport to sleep rough as part of a one-off programme about the plight faced by the region’s young homeless.

Following on from his previous documentary about suicide – inspired by his father who took his own life, Green, real name Stephen Manderson, took to Twitter to report his experiences of what it was like to be homeless and how they are treated by the local authorities.

He Tweeted: “Youth Homelessness doc. Day #4 has brought us to Stockport where homelessness has tripled in the last twelve months…Shooting this doc has not been easy.

“Stockport and Manchester have been eye opening, informative and infuriating. #Homelessness… It’s terrible how little is being done by authorities to prevent #homelessness.”

During filming, Green also visited Lifeshare, the Manchester-based homeless charity.

The documentary is due to air on Britain’s BBC3 channel in 2016.