Heartless thieves make off with instruments from Heald Green music store in daring daytime raid – but CCTV leads to one being named to police


This is the moment two brazen young thieves walked into a Heald Green music shop and made off with two guitars.
The amazing daylight robbery happened at 3:20pm on Friday February 16, right in the middle of the school run, at Sounds Great Music on Wilmslow Road in Heald Green.
Sounds Great posted about the raid on their Facebook page saying:
“Unfortunately today, Sounds Great Music has fallen victim to a pair of thieves who made of with two of our Eastman guitars, these instruments are highly specialized, niche and not a very common sight, the two guitars in question are a Sb59 Sunburst and a T486B in classic Finish, these guitars usually come with Eastman branded hard cases so be weary of anybody offering you either of these items.”
The appeal – coupled with very clear CCTV images of the robbers – seemed to work as they re-posted soon after:
“We have now identified one of the culprits, we know exactly who he is and the police have been informed.”