Heald Green Commuter Tells of New Timetable Hell


A commuter has told how his usual routine train ride to work turned into a two hour journey from Hell.
The nightmare journey to work followed mass rail cancellations on the first working day of the new Northern timetable.


David White, said he was asked to get off a packed train after several services were cancelled.
The import clerk catches a bus and two trains every day to get to his work in Heald Green.
David, 37, aimed to travel into Manchester Piccadilly on the 7.09am service from Bolton and then planned to catch a connecting train to the Stockport suburb.
He said that when he arrived at Bolton station, the platform was chock-a-block as several trains into Manchester had already been cancelled.
David said announcements at the station told passengers to expect delays due to a ‘lack of train drivers’ and the new timetable.


His train service arrived 30 minutes late. David said that during the journey, the train kept grinding to a halt, meaning he did not arrive into Piccadilly until 8am.
Once at Piccadilly, David found there were no trains stopping at Heald Green, with services instead going straight to Manchester Airport.
He eventually left Piccadilly at 8.33am, and was in Heald Green around 15 minutes later.