Gatley Station Parking Update


In the last issue of Stockport Mail Cllr Mick Jones highlighted a parking problem at Gatley Station. We then contacted Northern Rail,who explained that there was a problem with motorists parking in non designated areas,i.e. on land with no marked parking bays. Northern Rail explained that the reason the land is not marked is it is essential to have it free for their vehicles, vans and emergency services to have a turning area. Notices are clearly displayed informing drivers that it is forbidden to park in unmarked areas. They have taken steps to contact those motorists who have written them regarding the issued notices, but the parking restrictions are still in force.

‘ We have printed an image of the notice, so if you don’t want to receive a fixed penalty notice, it will cost you £50, it would be wise to park only in the marked parking bays. Here are the comments from a spokesperson from Northern Rail “We have had issues with enforcement at Gatley station and these have been rectified following a full review, with individual cases resolved. We ask customers to use common sense when parking and not to block any access within the car park. We manage more than 300 station car parks effectively, however it would appear that mistakes have been made at Gatley and we would like to apologise for this.’

Station car parks have become increasingly popular and sometimes people park in a way that can block in other cars or prevent access by emergency vehicles. As a member of the British Parking Association we are working to ensure that all our car parks have clearly marked bays, signage and that users adhere to these guidelines, this includes work at Gatley.

“If anyone has received a penalty notice and would like to discuss it with us further they can contact us directly.”