Gatley Primary School is Most Over-subscribed in Stockport


New figures from the council show that Gatley Primary is the most over-subscribed primary school in Stockport.
Gatley has 22 children who live within the catchment area on the waiting list. A further 34 children on the waiting list live outside the catchment area, including two who have siblings at the school.
The 22 catchment area children without a place is more than double the next highest – Tithe Barn – which has ten. The vast majority of primary schools have no catchment-area children on their waiting lists. Neither Lum Head nor Cheadle Primary has a waiting list this year.
Other local primaries (Lum Head, Cheadle Primary, Meadowbank, Oak Tree, Outwood, Etchells, Cheadle Heath) don’t have waiting lists. Prospect Vale has no in-catchment waiting list, but does have 15 children who live outside the catchment area.