Gatley Couple Tell of Masked Break-in Terror


A Gatley couple has told of the terrifying moment a gang of masked men armed with a knife and a brick broke into their home.
Brian and Jean Walker were left battered and bruised following the attack and said they no longer feel safe in their own home.
Brian, 68, said the men barged in before confronting him with a knife.
He was forced to barricade himself in his kitchen as the gang roamed his home.
Jean was shut in the front room by the thugs, who snatched her phone from her hand and took her bag.
The 67-year-old said: “We no longer feel safe in our home. We don’t understand why this has happened.
“My husband managed to get away, but if they had got him I don’t think he would be here now. It was horrific.”
The gang stole many of the couple’s belongings, including two mobile phones, money from a purse, money from their bedroom, three handbags, their bank cards – which they later tried to use – Brian’s watch, an iPad, and their modem.
It was only when they saw a neighbour approaching that the gang fled.
They attempted to take a VW Polo parked in the drive, but had taken the wrong fob from inside.
A Police spokeswoman said three people ran at the front door, one armed with a brick and another with a knife.
She added: “One of the men searched the property, whilst two stayed downstairs.
“The victim – a man – suffered an injury to his hand. A number of items were stolen including cash, a handbag, a purse and a phone.”