Gatley businessman opens area’s first online pharmacy

mp051_01_your uk pharmacy logo

mp051_02_your uk pharmacy founder khalid ahmedA local businessman has opened the first online pharmacy in the Stockport area. Based in Gatley, Your UK Pharmacy has been set up by Khalid Ahmed, a Superintendant Pharmacist who was keen to bring a better, more helpful, round the clock service to the local area.

Khalid said: “We operate 24 hours a day, we are contactable by Skype, text message, video calling so we’re always available to answer patients queries out of hours.”

There are other user-friendly benefits to the new service too, as Khalid explained:

“We have permission from the NHS to operate a private minor ailments scheme which allows us to give out free pain relief medication during the Winter period and we’re the only pharmacy that’s open 24 hours on Christmas day

“We’re also offering Meningitis vaccines for people travelling to Umra for pilgrimage which they require for their Visa”.

To use the system, customers authorise Your UK Pharmacy to collect prescriptions from their doctor on their behalf. Customers then order their repeat prescriptions directly from Your UK Pharmacy and can often have their medication delivered to their door within 24 hours of ordering.

Khalid has been a pharmacist since 2002 and has worked as a manager at major supermarkets. At a time when healthcare is once again on the on the agenda, he wanted to take customer healthcare outside the boundaries of 9 to 5 office hours, build confidence, and provide a good service to the local community.

You can contact Your UK Pharmacy on 0161 428 3056, by mobile/text on 07747 503 345, email at: or at