From Bramhall to Germany-by balloon!

Up up and away go 99 balloonsUp up and away go 99 balloons

Bramhall Air Scouts brought a successful Bramhall Festival to an incredible end with a
launch of nearly 1000 Balloons from the Square, Bramhall Precinct. “We never thought we would completely sell out but the Air Scouts managed this brilliantly” Air Scout Leader Mike Pedley told us

That launch took place at 4pm on Sunday. When the special Air Scout email account was opened less than 20 hours later there was an email from Germany. The sender said they had found the balloon locally and were sending us the information including scans of the ticket.

It had everyone fooled but it has been checked and is genuine, it may not be the overall winner, but does gain a prize for the purchaser in Bramhall as FIRST BACK from Germany. Checks are under way to surprise the lucky winner with a bottle of Reisling Wine from the Beluga Bar and Restaurant in Bramhall

“It was the distance covered in such a short time that really surprised us,” said Mike Pedley, “after all it was a balloon not a 747!”