As part of a New Year, New You campaign, Stockport Council and partners are urging smokers in Stockport to quit for 2015 to help improve their health and save money.

If residents wish to stop smoking for the new year, help is available through the full range of Smokefree support – including face-to-face help and advice, the Smokefree app, Quit Kit, email and text programme. For more information, visit

For free local and confidential support and information, the Healthy Stockport Service is available to help. Drop-in sessions are available across the Borough:

Brinnington Library, First House, 367 Brinnington Road, Stockport, SK5 8EN on Mondays from 9.30am -11am.
Brinnington Library, First House, 367 Brinnington Road, Stockport, SK5 8EN on Tuesdays from 1.30pm – 3pm
Sir Joseph Whitworth Centre (formerly Wellbeing Centre) Chestergate, Stockport, SK1 1LZ on Wednesdays from 1pm – 2.30pm.
Abacus Children’s Centre, Garners Lane, Adswood, Stockport, SK3 8QW on Thursdays from 11am – 1pm.

Visit or ring 0161 426 5085 for more information.

Dr Vicci Owen-Smith, Stockport CCG’s Clinical Director for Public Health added her support saying “There is so much help out there for people who want to give up that it really is a great time to take that step. Until you’ve given up you won’t realise how much healthier you will feel when you’re no longer smoking. Giving up will not only add years to your life, it will add life to your years so give it a try – we’ll be here to support you all the way.”

Look out for the new Stop Smoking campaign launched by Public Health England. The ‘Rotten Roll-up’ image from the campaign show the damage caused by smoking to every organ in your body and stops the myth that hand-rolled tobacco is less dangerous than manufactured cigarettes. Nationally, 18% of male smokers and 2% of female smokers said they smoked mainly hand-rolled cigarettes in 1990, but by 2013 this had risen to 40% for men and 23% for women.