Flash Floods bring chaos to area


Local residents basking in the recent mini heatwave were given a shock as summer came to an abrupt end in the area.

Heald Green and Bramhall were the main victims as the hot dry spell gave way to torrential rain.

In Bramhall an elderly woman was dramatically rescued in a wheelie bin by Firefighters attending flooding incidents on Bridge Lane.

Meanwhile in Heald Green, Finney Lane quickly turned into a fast flowing river as the deluge poured down several inches of rain in a short space of time.

One eyewitness said: “It happened so fast, soon after the heavens opened water was flowing freely down the road and the drains were unable to cope with water and sewage coming back out of them, the smell was quite disgusting and it was a little scary.”

Firefighters were again in attendance as several businesses were forced to close due to flooding and the Coop supermarket lost power for a short period of time.

The incidents have led to a political row breaking out after Stockport Lib Dems demanded answers from the Authority’s flood policy and upkeep of drains However Labour, who only became the largest party on the Council after last month’s elections have hit back citing the previous administration for failure to act.