Dog Owner Falls Foul


Have you ever looked at notices warning of £50 fines for dog owners who allow their pet to foul the footpath and wondered if anyone has ever been actually caught for their canine carelessness?

One Stockport resident who failed to pick up after their dog has really ended up in the smelly stuff with a bill of almost £1000.

The offender was issued with an initial £50 fixed penalty notice by the Council for the offence back in June last year – which went unpaid.

The case was referred to Stockport Magistrate’s Court in December but once again there was no response and it was proven in the their absence, resulting in a fine of £440, £327.25 in costs, a Court charge of £150, plus a victim surcharge of £44, coming to a total of £961.25.

If you know someone who lets their dog foul in your area or times when the fouling is occurring, contact the Dog Warden Service on