Council Clampdown on Selfish School Parkers


Stockport Council is taking a stronger approach with drivers who risk children’s safety by parking, stopping or waiting on the yellow zigzags outside schools during the busy school run.

The Council already issues penalty charge notices (PCN) to drivers who ignore the marking and from the start of the Christmas half term, Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) will be served by post if a car is driven away while the Civil Enforcement Officer is in the process of issuing a ticket.

Although many people know that you can’t park on yellow zigzag lines, waiting or even stopping momentarily to drop off or pick up passengers during specified times is also a contravention of the Highway Code.

Councillor Martin Candler, the Council’s Executive Member for Supporting Places said: “We want children in Stockport to be safe on their way to and from school. Although parents/carers may feel there is little danger in stopping or parking on zig-zag lines even for a short time, this inconsiderate parking at such a busy time affects the safety of children.

We hope that the increased likelihood of being fined will further discourage drivers from dropping off and collecting children from directly outside the school gates. We strongly urge parents who have to drive to school to think carefully about where they park – do not park or stop even for a short moment on these markings.”