Christmas Day Baby For Heald Green Couple


A Heald Green couple had more than most to celebrate on Christmas Day with the arrival of their baby girl.

Aptly-named Holly Farnsworth went into labour on Christmas Eve and baby Erica was born at 6.52am on Christmas morning weighing eight pounds 1oz.

Proud dad Gareth Cox, a heating engineer said: “It was quite a shock when Erica decided to join us on Christmas Day.

“She was born just coming up to 7am in the morning and Holly went into labour at 2am on Christmas Eve so it was quite a long labour. But both Holly and Erica are doing really well.

The festive new arrival was one of two born at Stockport’s Stepping Hill hospital, coming just a few hours after Kerry Statham and Ryan O’Connor welcomed baby Ethan into the world weighing in at eight pounds 3oz.