Cheadle MP Objects to the Price Hike for House of Commons Tea


IT could only happen in the House of Commons that the MP for Cheadle would kick up a stink about the price of a cup of tea rising by 5p.

As some of his constituents struggle to pay bills and others have to depend on the borough’s foodbanks, Mr Hunter opposed the 7.7 per cent
rise of the cost of a cuppa from 65p to 70p, a move, which would help to save the Brtish taxpayer as much as £10,000 a year.

The debate took place at a meeting of the Commons Administration Committee, which is in charge of catering at Westminster.

Despite Mr Hunter’s opposition, the rise, which will come in from April, was passed

Other price increases in Commons cafes include raising the price of a banana from 30p to 35p and a bag of chips by 5p to 85p.

All the measures together will save up to £25,000 a year.

Mr Hunter was unavailable to comment to the Stockport Mail.