Cheadle car park charges change in attempt to solve parking problems


Stockport Council have changed the parking prices at Cheadle’s town centre car parks in an attempt to alleviate the long-standing problems experienced by traders and residents in the area.
Instead of a flat 20p an hour, the charges have reverted to the previous fees of 30p for 0-2 hours, £1.50 for 2-3 hours and £5 for more than 3 hours.
The move follows a public consultation process which was the result of a public meeting in February when it was felt that low cost long stay parking was attracting drivers to use the facilities as a ‘park and ride’ system for commuting on to Manchester. There were also allegations of local street parking being used for second hand car sales or even airport parking.
The Stockport Mail has been highlighting the issue on behalf of the residents and traders for the last year and there now follows a waiting process where the impact of the new measure will be closely monitored by all of those involved.
Councillor Iain Roberts said: “The idea is to discourage all-day parking and free up spaces in the car park for short-stay. For anyone who needs to park all day, we’ve offered to help them find a parking space within a few minutes’ walk of the village centre that’s both free and doesn’t inconvenience residents. (People can also choose to come in by bus or bike, or – if they want to – pay the higher charge).”
Cheadle has seen a sudden surge in popularity again in the last two years with new businesses moving to the area and local housing being snapped up by families moving into the village. However, many traders felt that they were losing business because their regular customers were unable to park locally due to the charging system at local car parks.
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