Charity Silver lining after Stockport takes a December battering from Desmond


Whilst much of the focus during December was quite rightly on the devastating effects of storm Desmond on Cumbria, the force of the month’s brutal weather was also felt in Stockport.

Heavy rainfall throughout the month left our parks and rural walkways waterlogged and often impassable and a young family were trapped when their walk along the River Etherow saw them stranded on a muddy bank.

Around 20 firefighters, along with paramedics, mountain rescuers and members of the nearby sailing club came to their aid at Etherow Country Park.

Across the region rain and high winds caused delay and disruption to commuters and busy Christmas shoppers, but there were some beneficiaries. The cancellation of the Marple Christmas Cracker and Hazel Grove Christmas markets due to the bad weather saw them donate food to a local charity.

D & S White Butchers, in Marple, donated three large turkey breasts and 440 barms to the Wellspring, a homeless charity on Harvey Street, central Stockport.

And KC Catering, in Hazel Grove, handed over a whole pig for the charity’s clients.