Call for Carnival help falls on deaf ears


Organisers of Stockport Carnival have been left disappointed after contacting councillors for help with this year’s event.
The Carnival is planned for July 23 and with the date drawing ever closer, help was needed to ensure it all goes to plan.
Luba Brown, from the organising committee, said: “We have written to at least 15 to 20 councillors and had very little response, which is disappointing.
“The carnival is the biggest event in Stockport and run by the people of Stockport, I would have thought local councillors would be behind it like in previous years.
“It would be a public face behind it, help promote the event, secure funding and someone with a bit of know-how with red tape.”
Previously councillor Patrick McAuley has been on the organising committee, but has stepped down due to other commitments and has been thanked for his help.
The committee also wants to hear from other people interested in helping, especially younger people to get involved to help with tasks such as social media.
Stockport Carnival has been run for 111 years and raises thousands of pounds for worthy causes.