Bramhall Residents are on Peacock Watch


They may be very pleasing to the eye, but the colourful plumage of the Peacock is about the only endearing feature of the species if you live in Bramhall.

Residents of the village have seen the large colourful birds take residence there over the last few years and they have increasingly become a hazard, causing damage to cars and property and behaving aggressively towards people approaching them.

And while that distinctive call may evoke images of grand stately homes amid beautiful countryside grounds, it’s no joke at 4 or 5am in the morning!

The local council and RSPCA have met to discuss a way to deal with the problem once and for all by safely capturing them and finding them new, more suitable homes.

In order to establish the location of the peacocks and to work out how many birds are in the area, the Local councillor Linda Holt has requested Bramhall residents to notify her of peacock sightings.

Her email address is