Bramhall High Leap Of Faith

A GROUP of former pupils at Bramhall High School have left a lasting legacy by writing and publishing a book to help post primary pupils deal with issues such as bullying at senior school.

The Leap, is a 40 page book, which was produced by the group of 15 pupils, which included Sam Downs, for a youth enterprise competition, which saw them getting to the North West finals earlier this summer, where they beat the likes of Stockport Grammar and Aquinas College.

Despite being heavily involved in doing their GCSE exams, the group wrote The Leap, which is aimed at helping pupils making the transition from junior to senior school and covers aspects which includes how to combat bullying and how to make friends.

Sam, who is now at Aquinas College said: “Moving from a small school into a large one can be an absolutely daunting challenge for many pupils and we wanted to help them in the transition which included potential bullying in the classroom and online.

“We also saw that some people could be bullied or picked on, so the idea of the book was to help tackle the problem early on by nipping it in the bud, so we could stop it being an issue.”From day one Bramhall High was very supportive of the idea and recognised the importance of these issues and the head teacher was very, very helpful.”The book covers aspects of secondary school such as the

The Leap also carries helpful advice on the basics of English, maths and science in year 7 with real pupil accounts and tips, which will help secondary school life run smoother, There is also a section to help and assist parents of youngsters making the transition

Sam adds: “The reason why we decided to produce the book was because there was absolutely nothing out there to help kids making the transition from primary to secondary and from all of our own experiences we know that school can be a very nasty place, so if we can help the new intake by pointing out the difficulties they may encounter we will have helped them in a very positive way.”