Bramhall dad to walk 10 miles on stilts for charity


A 43-year-old Bramhall dad will be walking tall in his attempt to raise cash for a local cancer charity.
Noel Gallimore will be taking to stilts as he walks from Manchester city centre to the headquarters of Beechwood Cancer Care at Bridgehall.
Plasterer Noel uses stilts at work to gain access to high, hard to reach areas, and now he has decided to use his stilt-walking skills as a novel way to raise much needed funds for the charity.
Noel, of Gleneagles Close, said: “I have been using them as a plasterer for about 10 years, the ones I’ve used go from three feet to five feet.
“It’s really helpful for ceilings, rather than going up and down ladders all the time you just put the stilts on and away you go.
“I think I walk better on stilts now than on my own two feet. It took me about two weeks to get used to them initially.
Father of two Noel will set off on June 16 from radio station Key 103 in central Manchester and then head towards Stockport down the A6. He is already a quarter of the way to his £2,000 fundraising target.
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