As You Were – Local Election Throws Up Few Surprises in Stockport!

Iain Roberts wins the Cheadle and Gatley seat with an increased majority

Tory John Wright Unseats Mark Weldon in Stepping Hill

LAST Thursday’s local election has left political life in the borough in a similar position as  to when it started.

There was a net gain of one seat overall for Labour, but apart from that it was nip and tuck with just four seats in total changing hands.


Most notably Oliver Johnstone took Stuart Corris’s former Lib-Dem seat in Hazel Grove for the Tories, while the Lib-Dems took back the seat of retired Lib-Dem defector to the Tories, John Smith, in Offerton,  after the former Stockport Council leader Dave Goddard won his way back into power.

In the Stepping Hill ward, Tory John Wright unseated Lib-Dem and the deputy council leader Mark Weldon.

The results leave no one party in overall control with the Lib-Dems on 28, Labour 22, Conservatives 10 and Ratepayers 3.

Here are some of the local election results from our area, with winner in bold and percentage of electorate ( ):

Bramhall North: Pauline Banham, Lib Dem 1,076(24 per cent); Ray Jones, UKIP 594(14 per cent); Elizabeth Marron, Lab 538(12 per cent); Lisa Walker, Con 2,185 (50 per cent)

Bramhall South and Woodford: Anita Johnson, Co, 1,862 (45 per cent); Ruth Kaiser, Lab 369(9 per cent); Jermy Meal, Lib Dem 1,373 (33 per cent); David Perry, UKIP 538(13 per cent).

Cheadle and Gatley: Grahame Bradbury, UKIP 630 (13 per cent); Natasha Brooks, Green 216 (4 per cent); Graham Haslam, Con 1,078 (22 per cent); Colin Owen, Lab 781 (16 per cent); Iain Roberts, Lib Dem 2,176 (45 per cent.

Cheadle Hulme North: Sue Carroll, Con 679 (19 per cent); Yvonne Guariento, Lab 780 (21 per cent); Tony Moore, UKIP 668 (18 per cent); Michael Padfield, Green 225 (6 per cent); June Somekh, Lib Dem 1,307 (36 per cent).

Cheadle Hulme South: Stuart Bodsworth, Lib Dem 1,630 (41 per cent); Chris Carter, Lab 582 (14 per cent); Paul Davies, Con 1,104 (27 per cent); Cyril Peake, UKIP 703 (17 per cent).

Davenport and Cale Green: Doreen Hopkins, UKIP 650(18 per cent); Phil Shaw, Green 245 (7 per cent); Ann Smith, Lib Dem 900 (25 per cent); Elise Wilson, Lab 1,557 (43 per cent); Julie Wragg, Con 282 (8 per cent).

Hazel Grove: Oliver Johnstone, Con 1,700 (38 per cent); Stuart Corris, Lib-Dem 1,414 (31 per cent); Tony Moore, UKIP 692 (15 per cent); Janet Glover, Lab, 488 (11 per cent); Rob Turner, Green 208 (5 per cent).

Heald Green: Ann Moore, UKIP 547 (15 per cent); Adrian Nottingham, Ratepayers 2,010 (54 per cent); Kathryn Ann Priestley, Lab 531 (14 per cent); David Roberts-Jones, Lib Dem 269 (7 per cent); Yvonne Salmons, CPC 333 (9 per cent).

Stepping Hill: Ken Pease, Green 381 (9 per cent); Janet Rothwell, Lab 1,054 (26 per cent); Mark Weldon, Lib Dem 1,279 32 per cent; John Wright, Con 1,316 (33 per cent).