Gatley Actor Finds Enlightened Approach


A FORMER Kingsway pupil has is planning to turn a diary which details a personal lifetime voyage of self discovery into a book.

Liam Browne, 32, who works some of his time at Vintage Belle Candles, started out as an aspiring actor but is more difficult to pin down these days as he shifts and shuffles to anything from saving old furniture to poetry.

There is not really an easy way to sum up how a teenager who liked football, beer and great nights out, moved himself to a position where he not only acts still in independent films, but he also does a mixture of spirituality through meditation, yoga and massage. He is also a tree surgeon, painter and decorator and is currently organising a candlelight poetry reading at the village shop in March.

And while its not been an easy journey Liam thinks the reward he has had from all of it and more was well worth the price in bringing about peace of mind.

After moving to London he studied at university at Kingston-upon-Thames and after graduating moved into a job he soon became bored with in property development in 2008.

Aside from his more serious acting roles, he was also recruited by Kelly Jones, the lead singer with The Stereophonics to play in videos promoting their songs. And at the end of it, it was the money from these roles which helped Liam begin his journey.

“The journey for me started out in Belize and then I travelled over sea and land by hitchhiking to countries which included Peru, Ecuador, Honduras and up into Mexico and to Taos in New Mexico.

“During my travels I came into contact with various groups including Shaman practice to increase awareness, but my main aim was to connect and learn as much stuff as I could which included being present to celebrate the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 in Guatemala.”

His skills in yoga were learnt by the side of a master of the practice after he spent a month in Kerala in India

As part of his travels and his experiences, which are heavily into sustainable developments that fit hand in glove with both the earth and the elements, he is shortly heading out to Australia to help build cob houses.

“My diary contains a variety of these experiences which include my life before I became more enlightened and the blinkers came off and ideally I want to turn it into a book which is currently running at 150,000 words.”

Although Liam has been back in Gatley since last autumn, he believes that his goal will be to eventually establish something around an iconic derelict building in the village.

“When I was a kid I always dreamt that the Tatton Cinema would one day feature a film I had a part in, and although that never happened because it was shut down, on my travels I felt I was being drawn back to it to hopefully do something positive with the building in the future, to help benefit all the people of the area once again.”