£27k Raid On Cheadle Store


Police are warning of cheap Christmas presents being offered after a theft saw £27,000 of goods stolen from John Lewis in Cheadle.
A gang of five thieves driving two cars raided store using a crow bar to force open a staff entrance door and once inside stole £12,000-worth of sunglasses, cosmetics valued at £13,000, and handbags worth £2,000.
Police have appealed for witnesses and urged residents to be on the lookout for cheap goods being offered.
A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: “In the run-up to Christmas there could be attempts to get rid of these goods as cheap presents.
“If anyone who sees such items offered at good prices and thinks they may not be legitimate we would urge them not to buy.
“Instead contact the police with any information you may have.”
The two cars involved were a blue Subaru Impreza with a spoiler and a black Volkswagen Golf.
One driver was 6ft tall, of medium build and wearing a black balaclava, gloves and trainers as well as a black G North Face coat.
The other wore a black jacket, oversized blue jeans and black boots. Police say the remaining three were all wearing dark clothes.